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Economical environment

Dole-Jura Airport has an area of more than 543.63 acres dedicated to the processing of passengers, luggage and goods.

This space with an aeronautical vocation also makes it possible to receive locally-based activities in direct link with aeronautics (hangar-sheds, schooling, maintenance, freight and logistics…). Supported by a marketing and development plan, a project for a zone of activities is taking shape, in the medium term, with preparation of solutions for short term reception and to address requests formulated by project carriers and/or in phase of transition towards an installation. In addition, Dole-Jura Airport is in the immediate vicinity of the INNOVIA industrial Pole, led by the Community of the Agglomeration of Greater Dole and the General Council of Jura.

>> INNOVIA : a project for the region

If its network of companies already constitutes a genuine local economic force, the Community of the Agglomeration of Greater Dole and the General Council of Jura, associated as a mixed federation, develop, for the territory, a stimulating project in order to give it a strong identity and attractiveness. INNOVIA falls under a strategy resolutely turned towards innovation, environment and creation of new activities. It is composed of two main levers: a biannual trade show and an innovating park of activities of regional scale. The partners thus wish to propose a comprehensive offer of services and infrastructures, dedicated to projects and to innovating companies, whatever their degree of development. Being based on a motivating geographical and economical environment, INNOVIA positions itself in a pro-active way in the fields of activities with strong technological content such as:

Green chemistry, hydrogen, agro-resources, renewable energies…

INNOVIA develops, for each of its components, a strong link with the economic actors whoever they may be: public (State, General Council of Jura, Regional Council of Franche-Comté), semi-public (SOCAD, SEDD, ARD Franche-Comté…) or private (SOLVAY, CCI of Jura, Company Club of Dole…).

>> An exceptional location

The Innovia Pole represents a land offer of more than 123,55 acres which makes it the largest activity estate in Jura and a major economic pole of Greater Eastern France. Moreover, Dole-Jura Airport will contribute to consolidate this positioning with the reception of new on-site activities.

>> A favorable context

In fact, the Dole area has assets to support its development in which the airport fully takes its place:

• The rail, road and motorway links make regional capitals easily accessible.

• The life environment is of good quality and attractive (natural environment, villages and Dole, town of art and history).

• The presence of a city centre, well equipped with sporting, educational, social and cultural facilities and with important commercial businesses, offers its inhabitants a satisfactory level of service and is easily accessible.

The analysis of the territorial and socio-economic context of the sector of Dole makes it possible to highlight the following points:

• The territory is structured around 3 areas of influence: the agglomeration Dole-Tavaux, a peripheral crown of small towns with Dole as its centre. It is at the crossroads between Dijon, Chalon, and Besançon. It is attractive thanks to its network of transportation routes, its life environment, the quality of its equipment (health, culture, sport, public services…) and the wealth of its industries.

• Demography has recorded a relative stability for the last 30 years. There are approximately 50,000 inhabitants in the area, grouped in the Community of the Agglomeration of Greater Dole.

• The economic activity is marked by an overall positive balance of employment. It is generating qualified jobs in industry (52% of employment), in trade (27%) and in services (21%).

It is also “fixing” its population: in spite of the attractiveness of Dijon and Besançon, nearly 8 inhabitants out of 10 work in their zone of residence (including 9% with Tavaux and 38% with Dole).

It should be noted that the Dole area accounts for 2,338 of some 9,000 establishments registered in the Jura.

>> The local economy


There are 964 commercial establishments (41% of the Jura) for 3,512 employees (30% of the Jura). The commercial offer in the Dole area is characterized by its strong density, but also by its strong activity, in a favourable local context. All sectors taken together, there are more than 955,243.23 ft² of commercial surface.

The evolution of these facilities is positive: it results at the same time in a diversification of the offer, but more especially in a quantitative increase of the sales area.

It is largely higher (192,4 m2/1000 inhabitants) than the national average (113,2 m2/1000 inhabitants) and regional average (113,5 m2/1000 inhabitants) which shows a real desire to ensure good service to local consumers and thus to limit the escape of customers towards Dijon and Besançon.

As for the sector of services, there are 856 establishments (37% of the Jura) for 2,666 employees (27% of the Jura).

>>  A potential of partnerships and specialized subcontracting

Independent contractors

In the Jura, there are 4,643 establishments, including 667 in the sector of catering and 1,262 in the sector of services (except transport).

This sector represents an important part with regard to employment, with an active population of 16,415 (including 13,460 employees), 2,950 in the food trade and 4,720 in services. It is 15,2% of the local active population (10% on average at national level). It represents 17.53 companies for 1,000 inhabitants (national average 13.5). The Dole territory accounts for 773 establishments registered with the repertory of trades, all legal forms taken together, including 204 commercial craftsmen. Of these 773 companies employing 1,727 people, 371 are in Dole.


Industry in the Dole area: 518 establishments (22% of the Jura) for 7,233 employees (26% of the Jura), of which 1,500 work for the SOLVAY group in Tavaux (the Jura: 2,222 establishments and 27,982 employees in July 2007). The main employers are construction and civil engineering companies (37%), the wood industry (17%) or the metallurgy (12%). Several industrial companies stand out on the local scene, in particular in the sectors of chemistry (SOLVAY), of radio equipment, machine tools and food processing: ITT-Canon, SaniFrance, IFC, Amphenol-Socapex, Clavière, Bel, CCFC charcuterie wholesaler …