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Flying club

  • Leisure aviation
  • Flying club with direct access to the dedicated zone
  • Possibility of night flights on weekdays

The Flying-club of Franche-Comté is a non-profit organization created in 1930.

Its social objective is the training of pilots, and the provision of aeronautical materials to its members.

Light aviation is a fascinating leisure activity, making it possible to confront oneself with the elements, to discover the ground as seen from the sky and to travel, but it is also a school of rigour.

To take advantage of a training session or to use our planes, it is necessary to obtain the status of active member. The Flying-club is a non-profit organization. Therefore members have to pay a contribution towards overheads for the complete year. It is also compulsory to have a license from the French Aeronautical federation, with integrated insurance.

Adhesion must be approved by the Executive Bureau of the Flying-club.

Training, given by 5 voluntary instructors, includes a free theoretical course on the ground as well as flying instruction, to put into practice the studied concepts, with the aim of obtaining a PPL (Private Pilot License)

AéroClub de Franche-Comté

15 rue de Dole – 39500 – TAVAUX
Phone: ++ 33 (0) 384 81 18 17

OACI Code of Dole-Jura airfield: LFGJ