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Passenger information

Since Monday November 6, 2006, restriction measures have applied on liquids contained in hand luggage.

In order not to slow down the safety procedures and not to be likely to have your products confiscated before boarding, please read this information.

At safety controls, present your bottles and tubes of over 100ml, separately, in a closed transparent plastic bag, of a format of approximately 20cm by 20 cm each.

Put a maximum number of items in your hold luggage and keep in your hand luggage only what is absolutely essential to your journey.

What you have to know:

What flights are concerned?

All flights leaving from EU airports (including Norway, Iceland and Switzerland), whatever their destination, including domestic flights, and whatever the nationality of the airline company.

What items are banned from hand luggage?

Liquids, sprays, gels and pasty substances: mineral water, perfume, drinks, lotions, creams, shower gel, shampoo, mascara, soup, syrup, toothpaste, liquid soap, deodorant.

Passengers on connecting flights:

If your 1st flight comes from an EU country and if your 2nd flight leaves from an EU country (includingNorway,Iceland andSwitzerland), you may make in-flight purchases or purchases from the airport shops. These will be secured in a sealed plastic bag.  

If your connecting flight is to a country outside the EU, please inquire first with your airline company about possible restrictions.

If your 1st flight comes from a non-EU country and if your 2nd flight leaves from an EU country (including Norway, Iceland and Switzerland), you are advised to put all your purchases and liquids, including the items bought from the airport shops, in your hold luggage before boarding. Otherwise, these will be confiscated at safety check if they are not packed in a sealed transparent plastic bag (20cm X 20cm)

For more info:

The customs service is available 24 hours :

Douane info service 0 820 02 44 44 – e-mail :