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Within the SAS which runs theDoleJuraAirport, a consortium composed of Kéolis (51%) and the CCI (49%) manages the airport hub.

The proposed program is based primarily on the strength of the Kéolis-CCI group, that is to say, the pooling of their skills and resources, their know-how and their teams which complete each other, serving the growth of the infrastructure in its territory. This results in a lasting commitment of the delegatee by means of a specific local company with shared governance and a single social goal: the management and running of theDoleJuraAirport. This program is built in close cooperation with the delegator, the General Council of the Jura, which freely committed itself to back the implementation  as long as the DSP lasts.

The two partners of the Group pool their expertise to unfold a project based on the development of existing activities (holiday flights, training for pilots and airlines, air freight, business aviation and air ambulance services) and the creation of regular airlines to, notably, Oporto, Nice, London and Tunis.