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The delegator

The General Council has been the owner of the Jura platform since 2nd March, 2007

Since 1st January 2010 they have entrusted, for a 10 year-period, the public service authority to a consortium, within the SAS legal structure which runs the Dole Jura Airport, composed of Kéolis (51%) and the CCI (49%).

They committed themselves, with voluntarism, to back the implementation of the delegatee’s development plan for the benefit of the Jura.

A new project was developed, based on the development of regular airlines as from April 2012, on backing the establishment of businesses in the periphery, particularly in the Innovia zone, and on the diversification of the activities on the 224 acres of the airport to develop these assets into a major economic center of the region.

Diversification activities are also expected on the site.

A new dimension for the Jura, new destinations for Jurassians (its inhabitants).