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Your airport

A human-sized airport of regional dimension, near the city, is, for local inhabitants and companies, a guarantee of proximity, freedom and quality of service.

Entrée aéroportAn airport platform is above all a tool for town and country planning on a regional or even interregional scale. Dole Jura airport is, therefore, a logical complement to the motorways A36 & A39 which link the Franche Comté region to Rhône-Alpes and Burgundy and more widely to Paris. Combined with High Speed Railway Lines it is also an element for opening-up the region.

It is also a vector of economic development and exchanges. An airport generates flows of travellers whose impact is measured as much in terms of industrial as of commercial markets or tourism. It is finally an element of attractiveness and communication for the whole of a territory and for its inhabitants.

Dole Jura airport combines its human-sized dimension and its location close to large agglomerations, its quality of service, its competence and the availability of its personnel.

Its free car park and a direct access to the planes from the terminal make it simple to use and guarantee speed, proximity and quality of service.

Its range of activities includes scheduled flights, holiday flights, air mail flights, business aviation, training flights, medical flights and private flights (business, VIPs, sports teams).

Hall enregistrement

The flying club of Franche-Comté, with its 280 members, ensures a constant vitality of the aerodrome part.

On-site industrial platform: design and production of electrical wirings for cabin equipment, qualified maintenance of aircraft and radio, and a site-based taxi company.

Within this framework, Kéolis and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Jura commit themselves, in a common approach with the General Council of Jura, to ensure the best service to the users, passengers, airlines, flight crews, residents and companies, together with an environmental quality which is the concrete expression of their posted ambitions.